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AirTouch 3 solves the problem of uneven or uncomfortable temperatures throughout your home, while helping you reduce enery costs and putting the control of your comfort right where it belongs - In your hands.

No two houses are the same, and no other air control system is designed to be as adaptable to different house designs or locations, or family lifestyles as AirTouch. Making your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible can be a challenge.

If your home is like most, temperatures often fluctuate from one room to the next because of sunlight, room activity or other factors. AirTouch 3 works in a very unique way, it sends all available capacity of cool or heated air to areas that are occupied and shuts off unused zones enabling it to reach the set point temperature faster and more economically.

Air Touch Controller

Air con  Joondalup Shop

AirTouch 3 Made for Australian Conditions

AirTouch is a smart air control system that was developed after extensive research into different homes across Australia. We live in a country with different climates across all states, so it stands to reason that an air control system has to cope with this. From new and established family homes in Perth and Adelaide, suburban Melbourne, stunning Sydney Harbour mansions, tropical Queensland properties, and outback homestead renovations our design team researched it all. The end result is a smart air system that copes in homes of all sizes, styles and locations in Australia, but more importantly, is flexible and adaptable to cope with the needs of any family.


This sets AirTouch apart from another home automation product: It doesn't try to be a 'Jack of all trades', but is the Master of Air Control.

Quality and Support

Providing comfort to your family is our top priority. AirTouch is backed by Poluaire, a family owned business known for its quality, end user support, and being Australia's largest distribution network for climate control products. But family values don't change. Every family should be comfortable in their own home and our top priority remains to ensure your family's comfort.