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Ducted Evaporative Air Conditioning.

An evaporative air conditioning system is simply the most cost-effective and quietest way to cool your home. Evaporative air conditioning systems use water to cool the air. Cool, clean fresh air is distributed throughout the whole home via a system of ducts located in the ceiling space. The air is never re-circulated as stale air is continually expelled through open doors and windows.

it is ideal for families with active kids or who have pets where doors and windows are open frequently or people with hay fever or allergies.

Why Choose Bonaire Fresh-Air Cooling?

Air HQ Joondalup are a specialist dealer for the Bonaire and Celair ducted evaporative air conditioner. Systems range from between $3,500 to $5,500 for a standard installation within Perth metro area.

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Why choose Bonaire Fresh-Air Cooling?

  • Circulates only fresh, clean air.
  • Gentle on noses, eyes and skin.
  • Indoor plants thrive.
  • Soft furnishings smell clean and fresh.
  • Helps eliminate smoke and cooking odours.
  • Helps reduce the spread of infections.
  • Up to 50% cheaper to install & 80% cheaper to run than comparable ducted refrigerated units.
  • Environmentally friendly.


Buy a Bonaire Ducted Evaporative Air-conditioner, get up to $300 trade in on your old unit! FIND OUT MORE..

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