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There are 4 options when considering heating your home.

Reverse Cycle Ducted Refrigeration Systems

Ducted refrigeration provides heating and cooling throughout the home and works equally well in Perth's humid and dry conditions. Hot or cold air is distributed throughout the home via a system of ducts located in the ceiling. Whilst the air conditioning unit is the single most important item in any air conditioning installation, the quality of the overall system will be determined by the design of the associated air distribution system at Air HQ.
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Wall Hung Split System Air Conditioners

Wall mounted room air conditioners can be easily installed and have exceptional heating and cooling capacity. Designed for low noise operation, to ensure a pleasant air conditioning environment. We offer various types of units to customers to suit the best application and requirement. These units are capable of saving power consumption with the unique inverter technology.
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Gas Ducted Heating Systems

Choose the right heating system for your home. When the chill of winter descends, there's nothing more welcoming than a warm home. Although fashions and lifestyles have changed, our need for warmth hasn't. That's why Bonaire have been giving Australians a warm welcome for over 60 years. Heating accounts for over half the average household's energy costs, making it important to select the right heating method for your needs. Not only can the wrong choice prove costly, it can also be uncomfortable.
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Gas Fires and Portable Heating

Over the last 10 years, the introduction of decorative Gas Log Flame Fires has been the largest growing category in Australia. Flexible in their application, Gas Log Flame Fires are installed as a replacement for older space heaters as well as new features in renovations as well as new homes. Powerful heaters in their own right, Rinnai Gas Log Flame Fires are stylish while adding ambience to any room, as well as the added benefit of no mess!
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Choose Air HQ to heat your home

Contact us for advice on the most suitable heating system for your home. We have a full range of working displays in our Joondalup showroom.

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